About Us

Sharon Mink is a licensed clinical social worker in St. Louis, Missouri, and has a Masters Degree in Social Work. She has worked in the social services field in the St. Louis area for over 15 years.

Sharon saw a need in St. Louis for a licensed social worker focused on providing adoption services, home studies and birth parent services available during non-traditional hours as well as traditional hours. In 2004, Sharon founded Family Connections, LLC to address this need and has been helping grow family trees in St. Louis ever since.

Sharon has an excellent working relationship with many of the top family law and adoption attorneys in St. Louis.  Her decades of experience and relationships in the "adoption" community position her well to provide unparralled service.

If you are thinking about adoption or have decided to give your child to an adoptive family, contact Sharon Mink to learn more about her experience and adoption.




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