Family Connections provides adoption services for families throughout the greater St. Louis area. There are three main forms of adoption: Open Adoption, Semi-Open Adoption and Closed Adoption.

Open Adoption
An Open Adoption involves sharing confidential information such as full names and addresses, and includes an ongoing relationship with the Birth Parents. You are accepting to maintain contact with the Birth Parents as your child matures into a fine young man or woman. The amount of contact between the Child and the Birth Parents is agreed upon by both parties.

Semi-Open Adoption
In Semi-Open Adoptions, only some of your personal information is shared with the Birth Parents such as first names. Continuing contact between you and the Birth Parents is through photographs, videos, letters, and/or other means of correspondences.

Closed Adoptions
In Closed Adoptions, all confidential information (i.e., names, addresses, and telephone numbers), except for the medical/genetic information, remains confidential and there is no further contact with the Birth Parents.

Every adoption requires a Pre-Adoptive Home Screening (typically referred to as a home study) in which a social worker interviews you, the adoptive parents, at your home along with other family members who may live with you (even if you have a child not living in your home) and evaluates the quality of the physical environment. This scrutiny makes many Adoptive Families anxious, but it is unavoidable, as all courts require a home study before permitting an adoption.

If you are thinking about adoption or have decided to give your child to an adoptive family, contact Sharon Mink to learn more about her experience and adoption.




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