Adoption Home Study

An adoption home study is required by every State in the United States. 

A home study is essentially an assessment performed by a licensed social worker of a prospective adoptive family’s life. It serves to evaluate the family’s readiness to adopt as well as prepare them for the adoption process and help to better match them with potential birth parents. It also gives confidence to prospective birth parents, who want to know that their baby will be with a good, safe and loving family.

A home study for adoption in Missouri has three main parts:

  • A documentation phase

  • An in-home visit

  • A home inspection

The home study can an emotional part of the adoption process.  It can feel like somone is judging you and decidin whether or not you’re worth to beome a parent.  It is importnat to remain calm and opten minded throughout the process.  Social worker Sharon Mink has done countless home studies and strives to create a peaceful environment to make the entire process as stress free as possible.

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